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A little about me...

I am a full time engineer and a part time: henna artist, painter, calligraphier, book binder, movie buff, reader, snowboarder, and enabler...and one day maybe a part time/full time writer (I've got some ideas and I'll either write a kick ass AD&D module or a novel...we'll see!)

 In the SCA, I am a scribe of the East Kingdom and have been doing scrolls since 2002. I love all styles and time periods, especially 14th-15th c Italian, Flemish, and German. I also enjoy bookbinding, viking wire knitting, some embroidery and well...I like to dabble in different areas.

Why am I here?

The context on this page will periodically change.  Right now the site will be a central place to learn more about my artistic pursuits, including medieval manuscript illumination and calligraphy, and henna body art.  Please check back often for additional projects, pictures and more.

 Thanks for visiting.

Lotus Blossom

Just letting you know that this is my favorite flower...and I just LOVE them.  You will probably seem them all over my site(s) and my maker's mark is a lotus blossom in profile.

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